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    Outlook Hangs and Crashes (2002 SP3)

    When performing a send/receive on several POP3 accounts, Outlook will occasionally hang at 99% complete. If I kill and restart the Outlook task, it will start up and then immediately shutdown with no error messages. When I start it again, it works normally.

    I believe this problem may be caused by some kind of interaction between Grisoft AVG and ZoneAlarm since the problem seems to occur after I've activated and de-activated ZoneAlarm's "Stop all Internet activity". I'm guessing that blocking and unblocking Interact activity may be confusing the AVG POP proxy.

    Any clues as to how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Outlook Hangs and Crashes (2002 SP3)

    I have the exact same problem and i run NIS instead of zone alarm. Mine hangs at the start of one of the mail accounts (usually yahoo mail on my machine and earthlink on my wife's).

    It also hangs if I do any other task with outlook during a send and recieve.

    have you tried it with the firewall off? or with the email scan off in your anti virus application?

    I think you are on the right track suspecting a link between the security apps and outlook not playing well together but I can't see what is wrong and I had no trouble with outlook xp.

    good luck,


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