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    Can't Delete Folder (Windows XP)

    Hi all. I've had a problem for some time now, but I'm only getting around to asking you all about it now (mostly out of academic curiosity.)

    In Windows Explorer, I can usually delete a folder full of files in one fell swoop by highlighting and using the Del key. Sometimes, however, I find that doing so will delete the files within the folder, but will then throw up an error message saying that someone or some process is using the folder itself, and that it (the now-empty folder) can't be deleted. This sometimes happens on my local disk (C: or D<img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15> but will happen 99.9% of the time on a network share, even if it is my "personal" network drive, i.e. I know nobody else is accessing that file/folder. Also, it's almost guaranteed to happen if I first delete the files from the folder and then try to delete the folder.

    If I experienced the problem on my local drive, it is "resolved" if i reboot; however, if it's on a network share, I can't usually do it until the next day! (Consequently, I probably have dozens of empty folders on various network shares that I simply forgot to get rid of "the next day"!)

    Surely, this isn't an "undocumented feature"... is it?
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    Re: Can't Delete Folder (Windows XP)

    Perhaps these posts may help you:

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