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Thread: Saving Pictures

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    Saving Pictures

    I am having trouble saving pictures from the Internet. When I right click on the picture and click "save as" the window with the extension listed, only give me the option of ".art" or ."bmp". This happens even though the pictures I am trying to save are ."jpg". If I save as ".art" my photo program does not recognize that extension. If I save as ".bmp" it acknowledges the save. But when I go and check the picture it lists the name, but the picture is blank. When I was on broadband this problem did not exist. At present I am on dial up. It happens on both my lap tops. One with ME and one with XP. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this or get around it?

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    Re: Saving Pictures

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    It is an AOL feature, see What is ".ART"?. (Page 5).

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