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    XP SP2 gotcha's? (SP1 -> SP2)

    I'm still with SP1. I'm getting ready now that I have some time off for the upgrade to SP2. I'm using the Norton Internet Security Suite with NAV and Webroot Spy Sweeper. Are there any potential problems in the upgrade? I think I heard something about a problem with Norton Antii-Virus, but I need to track this down.
    Does XP mind if you turn off its firewall and use another one, such as Norton or Zone Alarm?
    I've also read that you can no longer use your original CD as a recovery disk once you've gone to SP2.
    What's involved in making a recovery disk?

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    Re: XP SP2 gotcha's? (SP1 -> SP2)

    I'd strongly recommend that you install SP-2. You should be sure to back up your system before starting the process. Check with Symantec to make sure your version is SP-2 compatible. Same with Webroot. You should check with the vendor of all software you have to make sure it is SP-2 compatible. You may want to start with Windows XP Service Pack 2 for lots of reading. If you have an OEM recovery CD you need to check with the vendor. If you have an original XP CD you can slipstream SP-2 and have a CD to work with. Search the lounge for links on slipstreaming. One last thing, be sure to use Windows update after SP-2 is installed for all the most recent updates - but not driver updates. Windows update is usually not the place to get driver updates. Often it is not current and does not do a good job of driver detection.


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