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    Normal template (Word 2000 SR-1)

    I have modified the template, specific to my workplace.
    All users have the following setup in Word within the Options-> File Locations
    User Template H:Template
    Startup Cocuments and SettingsmlhApplication DataMicrosoftWordSTARTUP
    I've also found in Cocuments and SettingsmlhApplication DataMicrosoftTemplates
    Where do I need to place the new so that it is used whenever the user creates a new document.
    In what order and where does Word look for the template.
    Additionally, we have turned on the Prompt for Document Properties when saving a document.
    How can I ensure that certain items (Author, Company, Manager) in the Properties box is always populated and retains the entries that the user enters.
    Any advice gratefully received..

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    Re: Normal template (Word 2000 SR-1) usually is in the user templates folder.

    Note: that startup path is profile-specific, so I would simply trust Word to set that one up.

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