Not sure if this is the correct forum, but the question from this user is specific to Excel. (Note: The references below to "shift+save as" and "Native Application" have to do with getting to the directory structure from within PC DOCS Open - what we have to do to save outside of our document management system in Excel):

Here's the scenario : "I'm pulling documents from my s: drive into Excel, and when I save them, I save them over the original on the s: drive. In the past [Excel 2000] after I pull the document up and then hit shift-save as, it pops me right back to the s: drive where I pulled the document from. Now, it always pops me back to My Documents and I have to keep going back to the s: drive to find the right document. Is there an option I can pick so that when I pull stuff from Native Application (e.g., the directory structure) it will automatically stay at that last drive I was at?"

Anyone have any suggestions for us? Thank you.