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    Many to Many or One to Many

    I am using Access 2000 and have just started using it. I am trying to make up a paper round for the shop for which my son delivers. I made it in Excel 2000 but found changing records time consuming and wanted to try Access. Can anyone suggest any books which that can help on how to plan/start a database as most of the ones I have tried only seem to have a small paragraph on the basic structure?[img]/w3timages/icons/spook.gif[/img]

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    Re: Try Reading This Article

    Go to the following URL and see if that starts to clear the muddy waters. Then, post back with any specific questions you may have. Good luck!

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    Re: Many to Many or One to Many

    Are you trying to do something like keep track of the delivery persons and the routes they deliver to? You need two, or possibly 3 tables.

    The first table might be a table of Drivers. Each driver could deliver to many routes, a one-to-many join--one driver to many routes.

    The second table would be one of Routes. Could each route have multiple drivers, say for different papers? If not, then a DriverID field in the Routes table would be enough to create a one driver to many routes join. If routes could have multiple drivers, you have a one-to-many join between routes and drivers going in the other direction--one route to many drivers.

    The latter creates a classic many-to-many join and you implement it by adding a third table, maybe called something like RouteDriver. It would hold a record for each unique combination of route and driver. There is no direct link between Routes and Drivers in this scenario, only the join record in the RouteDriver table.

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    Re: Many to Many or One to Many

    I need more than 3 tables; let me try to explain how far I have tried to break it down.

    Basic 300 customers who can have a delivery of:

    Daily paper [or delivery 1/2/3 times per week]
    Weekly papers/magazines
    Monthly magazines

    10 routes am
    10 routes pm
    10 routes Saturday am [different from normal am routes
    10 routes Saturday pm [different from normal am routes
    26 routes Sunday
    Customers cam be am, pm, Saturday, Sunday or only for a particular day for 1 magazine.
    The delivery address may be am,pm,Sat & Sun.
    Customers can change rouns from am to say Sunday

    As you can see what was an easy job, or so I thought, is a lot more complicated than I thought.



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