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    I have just had Windows/Word 2000 installed and am trying to edit the template to reflect our current styles, but am having terrible trouble trying to get it to respond to what I want it to do.

    In the first instance, I want the default font to be Arial 11pt, so I select Format/Fonts, change the font to Arial Regular 11pt (it was Times New Roman), press the Default key and make it the default font. However, when I go back into font, it always shows it as being Helvetica, even though on the toolbar, it shows it as being Arial. This applies to the normal style as well. I can set the style to be Arial, but when I go back into it, it shows it as being Helvetica. Do I have to set this somewhere else?

    Also when I am setting up my headings, I want auto numbering within each heading style, so I select Outline Numbering on each one and it all goes fine until I get to Heading 5. This heading auto numbers as 11.1.1..1 (instead of and nothing I do changes this. Am I doing something wrong here or is there something I can do to overcome this one?

    Sorry to keep going (one of those days!) but the other frustrating thing refers to the actual headings themselves. I can set a heading up to be hanging at 1.5 (left indent 0), set the tab at 1.5 and set the fonts according to the heading level, however, when I go back to check if a particular heading style is working properly, all the settings will have changed, ie the left indent will be something like -1.5, the tab will be no-where near 1.5 and there will be no hanging indent.


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    See <A target="_blank" HREF=> Changing the Default Font</A> (

    See ( You may also want to take a look at <A target="_blank" HREF= ,6&seekm=531301c0eff3$8b23bb40$a5e62ecf@tkmsftngxa 07#p> Dave Rado's instructions on how to set up (relatively) solid heading numbering (#3 in this thread) (Microsoft numbering newsgroup). Following these may help with your last problem as well, don't know. Apparently, the indent has to set as a part of the numbering structure, not as part of the heading style.

    Hope this helps.
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
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    Regarding the fonts...without knowing the details of your setup for the, all I can do is speculate a bit. Is the shared among a number of people, or are you the only one using this version? Often, but not always, when one font is substituted for another, it suggests that the font, in this case Arial, may not be installed and Word is substituting Helvetica for it. If there are multiple users, then perhaps someone is changing the font unknowingly (or knowingly??). Check to see if you have the "Automatically update" box unchecked on the "Modify style" dialog window. If you have multiple users, you may wish to check that they also have this box unchecked. There may be other things to check out as well and hopefully others can add to this troubleshooting list. If all else fails, you could create a new template and setup the styles the way you want them. I find that this is often the easiest way around these types of problems. HTH

    Ron M

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