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    Checking directory properties (XP Pro SP2)

    I am working with a software developer to debug a java program he wrote as it runs on my Win XP Pro system. At one point in the java program, it creates a folder with two subfolders. Each subfolder has loads of files in it.

    Then at another point, it tries to locate files in this folder. The developer tells me that using the java IsDirectory command, the subfolders are showing up as files instead of directories. He thinks it is a problem on my system, but since he's in St. Petersburg Russia and I'm in the States, he can't quite look at my machine.

    Is there some way to look at permissions and properties of a folder? I tried using a command prompt and trying dir /a, but I didn't get a lot of info.

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    Re: Checking directory properties (XP Pro SP2)

    Right-click the folder in Windows Explorer and select Properties. The Security tab tells you who has which permissions on the folder.

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