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    Improving data entry in Contacts (Outlook 2003)

    Looking at any possible ways to modify Outlook Contacts to make it easier for users to enter better quality name and address data - we will be setting up synchronisation to a fairly complex implementation of CRM, and want to make sure that all new contacts are added to Outlook with complete and accurate information, to reduce the checking and exception messages when users try to synchronise.
    We don't want to add too much burden to the users or they may choose not to bother synchronising - so looking at low-effort ways to guide them through data entry.

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    Re: Improving data entry in Contacts (Outlook 2003)

    In order to handle all the variations of address formats (especially international), native Outlook doesn't exert much control over address entry. It has the Address resolution window, picture attached, for my US based installation - but I don't know if this pop-up varies by country of installation.

    If you wanted to exert more control, you could either provide a custom Contact form with code to review the address enetered, or you could use code to tap into the change event for contact records, and if there is an address run parsing code to review the address against your specifications, and then if the address doesn't meet specs, prompt the user to correct the record, and not save the record until it meets your specs. These approaches still won't prevent users from making typos, spellos, etc.
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