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    Tracking Changes w Strikethrough? (2003)


    I had a client tell me the following story, and I cannot figure out how this would have been possible. I'm looking for confirmation one way or the other - essentially the question boils down to: is it possible to have changes tracked in Excel (not Word) where when you edit the contents of a cell, the deleted words appear with a strikethrough and the new text exists beside it?

    The story:
    Client receives a spreadsheet via email (sent for Review), opens it and begins to edit the contents. The edited items appear with a strikethrough when deleted (and font colour is changed) and the new text is entered beside the old. Halfway through the process the client saves and closes the spreadsheet. When it's reopened later that day, the editing process no longer creates the same strikethrough action, but merely deletes the text outright and replaces it with the new. You can still see the items she edited earlier with the strikethrough - if you look at the format of the cells it's as though someone went in and mark the Strikethrough check box in Format - Cells.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Tracking Changes w Strikethrough? (2003)

    I don't have Excel 2003, I'm still on 2002 (XP). Tracked changes are displayed in comment boxes, not as strikethrough. Are you sure your client is using Excel, and if so, that it's not a Word object embedded in an Excel worksheet?

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