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    Sudden rash of popups? (IE 6.0 sp2)

    Has anyone else, within the last week or less, been experiencing a rash of annoying popups? They seem to come from something called 'yieldmanager' - at least when the window opens, that is what is given as the URL - but oftten it becomes something else in the window's final state. I've gotten popups from Party Poker, and most annoying some supposed application that wants to check my PC for errors - can't remember its name now but I'll update as soon as it happens again. It will open a window asking me if I want to scan my hard drive for errors - gives buttons for OK and Cancel. I click the x to close the window, but once it didn't work - a new window opened up giving a (hopefully) simulated scan of my HD, and buttons galore, most of which told me that if I clicked there I would find out more about this application, but at the same time consent to their terms of agreement. Scary stuff.
    I have had the IE popup blocker on High for a long time now, with only one website allowed to generate popups (CBS Sportsline) - so it would appear to be a new kind of popup. I've also run Spybot and MS Spyware (both up-to-date) - but the popups keep coming.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Sudden rash of popups? (IE 6.0 sp2)

    Apparently not on the sites I visit....

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    Re: Sudden rash of popups? (IE 6.0 sp2)

    Yieldmanager is malware and must be removed. The process is involved and should be done by an expert. Go here and post your problem. Be sure to follow all the rules and return to the site at least once a day and bump your post back up to the top (many people have these issues and the site and it's volunteer experts get very busy). Someone will pickup your question and help you remove this nasty from your system. HTH <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>
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