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    Impressed with Excel (XP)

    Hi, just a quick note to say how impressed I have just been with Excel! It's to do with the way it handles links to files.

    A spreadsheet that has cells referencing say "K:appsfolder1temp.xls" seems to automatically update itself to "L:appsfolder1temp.xls" when the drive mapping is changed in My Computer.

    We are undergoing a move to a new server and mappings ( and perhaps some folder structure) is changing. Had no idea Excel would simply somehow update the mappings! Cool.

    I wonder if Excel would handle it if the mapping changed to "L:apps_newfolder1temp.xls"


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    Re: Impressed with Excel (XP)

    The link paths will be updated automatically if the relative position of the source and targe workbooks remains the same.

    Say that the workbook with the links is in K:appsexcel, and that the links refer to a workbook in K:appsfolder1.
    If you move the former to L:newappstestexcel and the latter to L:newappstestfolder1, the links will be fine.
    But if you move the former to L:newappstest and the latter to L:newappstestfolder1, you'll get an error because the relative position of the workbooks has changed.

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