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    Form will not open (Access 2000)

    I have a db I have been working on for several days. Everything was working well until this morning. I came in, opened the db, but the startup form did not display. I tried the F11 key to display the database window and received the error that MS Access had encountered a problem and was shutting down. I opened the db using the SHIFT key to by pass the start up form, displayed the db window. When I tried to open the form, after a short time, I received the same error. I ran JETCOMP on the database, but have the same problems on the newly created copy. I tried creating a new db and importing all the objects from the original db. It to did not open. When I did the shift open and looked at the code behind on of the buttons on the main form, there was NO code. All the code was gone. Not just that, but the code window did not even show that there was code in the db at all.

    I am running Office 2000 on a Windows XP box. Has anyone seen this type behavior before? What can I do to get around this? I did check the original copy of the db. The code seems to be in tact there, but I am afraid to do much until I can figure out why this is happening.

    Any help or ideas will be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Re: Form will not open (Access 2000)

    Apparently, the database has become corrupted. You have already tried the steps usually recommended here when that happens - using JetComp and importing into a new database. Since those failed, the database is probably beyond recovery. Going back to a recent backup is the best you can do.

    It's hard to say why corruption happens, there are several possible causes. If the database is on a network, a glitch in the network connection can throw a spanner in the works (Access is notoriously sensitive to network problems). Closing a database while there are database objects with iunsaved design changes can cause problems too. And sometimes a database becomes corrupt without any discernible cause. That's why it is important to make backups religiously, and to use a split frontend/backend design from the start. It's very unlikely that frontend and backend become corrupt simultaneously (I have never seen that happen)

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