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    Too many fields in a query (Access 2000)

    Is there any way to increase the number of fields allowed in a query? I have the following string used in a query. I have six tables that I need all to be combined in a query that will the be inserted into a single table. All this data must be inserted into this single table.

    strSQLLoad = "INSERT INTO Saved_Data SELECT * FROM ((((Loaded_1 INNER JOIN Loaded_2 ON Loaded_1.ID = Loaded_2.ID) INNER JOIN Loaded_3 ON Loaded_1.ID = Loaded_3.ID) INNER JOIN Loaded_4 ON Loaded_1.ID = Loaded_4.ID) INNER JOIN Loaded_5 ON Loaded_1.ID = Loaded_5.ID) INNER JOIN Loaded_6 ON Loaded_1.ID = Loaded_6.ID"

    DoCmd.RunSQL strSQLLoad


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    Re: Too many fields in a query (Access 2000)

    A table or query can have a maximum of 255 fields. This limit is hard, there is NO way to extend it.

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