I am having trouble with the RO property of Data Access Pages. I want to modify the data, but
I can't get it to work.

I am using two tables, Categories and Products, in a one-to-many relationship. I create the
Page with the wizard, selecting the name of the category from the first table, and the name,
unit price, stock, and SupplierID from the second table, with the grouping set for category.

The Unique Table property is set to Products, and in Group Level properties the Allow
Deletions, Edits, and Additions are all set to true.

Everything works fine, but I can't modify the Product data.

The detail steps follow:

Run Wizard
Rt-Click NombreCategoria text box
Select Group Filter Control
Delete Expand control
Click down arrow on Products-NombreCategoria header and remove Navigation Bar
Click on CategoriasWiz header
Select Data in properties
In Unique Table property, select Products
Click down arrow on CategoriasWiz
Choose Group Level Properties
Confirm that Allow Additions, Deletions, and Edit are True.