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    Calculation (2000)

    I have a calculation to perform on a form. This is what I received: Sales Probability will be expressed as a percent and calculated as follows:
    The sum of (if Uniform Health Benefit Plan is "Yes" then .5, if "No" then 0) + (if eMaterials is "Yes" then .2, if "No" then 0) + (If Member Self Serve or Employer Portal or IFF?834 is "Yes" then .15, if Member Self Serve and Employer Portal and IFF/834 are "No" then 0) = (if eBill is "Yes" then .15, if "No" then 0).

    What would be the correct syntax for such a calculation? I would put a text box on the form and put its control source to = sum (and the rest). Can I do this?

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    Re: Calculation (2000)

    Sum is used to add values across all records; I think you want to add some values for a single record here, so Sum wouldn;t be appropriate. Try this as control source for the text box:

    =IIf([Uniform Health Benefit Plan], 0.5, 0) + IIf([eMaterials], 0.2, 0) + IIf([Member Self Serve] Or [Employer Portal] Or [IFF/834], 0.15, 0) + IIf([eBill], 0.15, 0)

    I have assumed that the fields you mention are Yes/No fields, and that ? and = are typos.

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