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    Hot Keys (9.0.6926)

    We have implemented a new web based software for tracking some of our services provided. One of the fields requires us to key in facility names which are twenty characters in length or more. The field is not setup with a drop box of selections for us to choose from with no plans to modify this in the near future.

    In order to reduce keystrokes to enter the facility names would I be able to assign a unique hot key to the various facility names whereby when that combination is used the facility name would populate the field w/ the facility's name? Example: Control+J = XYZ. Or, Control+M = ABC.

    If possible, how do I do this?

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    Re: Hot Keys (9.0.6926)

    Does this web based software use Microsoft Word for its data entry? If not then this post might be better placed in a more suitable forum. Possibly the Internet Explorer one, or Other browsers or even Software finds and wants.

    If you can reply with a bit more explanation of what software is involved then I will move the post for you.


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