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I'd like to add a Flash file (.swf) to a Word doc. I found <post#=206,831>post 206,831</post#> asking the same question but it didn't really provide a solution. I have Flash Player 7 and when I do Insert/Object (and select Flash) from Word, I get this error message:

"This object was created in Flash.
This application is not available to open this object.
Make sure the application is properly installed and that
it has not been deleted, moved, or renamed."

I do have Macromedia Flash MX 2004 installed (full developer version and the player) so I don't know what this message is telling me. The .swf file I want to embedd was not created with Flash MX, but some other tool. Maybe that's what this error is telling me (but why does it care since it's a valid Flash file - I can add it to a web page w/o problem). When I hit the OK button it just goes away. At one point I did get the big box with an X in it as the other poster saw, but not anymore.

What I want to do, is embed this Flash object into Word then give the .doc file to our graphics/layout folks who are the ones who generate the PDF file (which works fine for Flash if you use Acrobat Reader 6 or above).

Thnx, Deb