This actually is related to Flash embedded in PDF (allowed with vers 6+) but it applies equally to web pages too.

I'm creating some Flash content (mostly interactive charts) that I embedded in PDF files. I wanted to know if there is a way of allowing the user to print the Flash image (actually the page that the image sits).

I notice on some web sites I can print a page that has Flash and not get an emtpy page, but others I can't. The embedded Flash I have in a PDF that I'm creating is not printable though. I had read conflicting opinions about printing Flash but when I went to Macromedia's site there does seem to be a SDK or at least an ActionScript method that can be used. I have almost zero experience with ActionScript however. Since I have the original .fla file for my Flash element, is there something I can do to that to make it printable by the end user? Are there other gotchas with printing Flash? I even notice that I can't even do a screen capture of a Flash element, now that surprised me.

Has this always been a limitation of using Flash or is there some setting that can be changed on the browser or elsewhere?

Thnx, Deb