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    I am trying to accomplish the following. Highlight all, change style to Normal. Change font to Times New Roman, 11 pt. Copy. Open new document. Paste. In the new document, NO styles created by the prior author would carry forward.

    My user says it used to work in Word97 but is not working in 2000. I know you can save as a text file and open the text file and perform the above but the user doesn't like the extra step. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Styles

    Hi Melanie: At the new document, click on Edit, select Paste Special. This will bring text only without any styles or formatting. I hope this answers your question.

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    Re: Styles

    Hi Melanie,

    The user should be able to reapply the Normal style or use <Ctrl Space> to reset the text to the Normal style definition.

    Or they could try using Edit/Paste Special and pasting as unformatted text.

    Although I'm not really sure what they are actually trying to do??

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    Re: Styles

    Just a point of information.

    Ctrl-space does not "reset the text to the Normal style definition," at least in Word 97.

    Ctrl-space does reset the character formatting to the default for the style being used. In other words, if the paragraph in which you use ctrl-space was styled with Heading 1 style, it will not "reset the text to the Normal style definition," but it will reset it to the default character formatting for the Heading 1 style.

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    Re: Styles

    Hi Big Al,

    Thanks for clarifying the ResetChar command. :-)

    I should have been more specific in the fact that it resets the text to the default paragraph font of the applied style.

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