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    Outlook 2002 Problems

    I installed the Office XP trial version in a new folder, retaining my Office 2000 installation. Everything worked fine, and I particularly liked Outlook 2002 features. I purchased XP Standard , uninstalled the trial version (to reclaim disk space) and elected to upgrade my Office 2000 installation. Outlook 2002 has a problem. When I try to expand the Outlook Today folder, I receive a message "Unable to expand the folder. The set of folders could not be opened, The dll file for the information service could not be found. MAPI was unable to load the information service PSTPRX.DLL. Be sure the service is correctly installed an configured".
    I've imported the account settings from Outlook Express 5.5, but cannot import the mail messages. I tried to export the messages from Outlook Express. The error message int his case is "Your default MAPI store could not be opened".
    To remedy the problem, I've reinstalled Windows Me, performed several "Detect and Repair for Office XP, and uninstalled and reinstalled Office XP three times. A search for the file PSTPRX.DLL results in "FIle not found. I went to MS Knowledge base and found nothing referring to it.
    I'd be most grateful for any assistance.
    E. Lee

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    Re: Outlook 2002 Problems

    MS knowledge base article<A target="_blank" HREF=>Q293058</A> may be the solution to your problem.



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    Re: Outlook 2002 Problems

    Thanks - I followed your suggestion. My Outlook is sunnier now!

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