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    Frequency of text entries (Excel 2003)

    Hello again,
    I need help on determining what the 2nd most frequent text entry in a column is. I attached a sample with my predicament. At the bottom of the sheet it should display the most frequent incorrect answer (shown in red) to each question in a multiple choice test. Any help would be appreciated =)

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    Re: Frequency of text entries (Excel 2003)

    In <post#=504,430>post 504,430</post: >, I asked you
    <hr>Note: the workbook you attached contained an empty VBA procedure. Unless it's necessary for the question, it's better to attach files without macros.<hr>
    You again included VBA code unnecessarily. Please don't!

    In the attached version, rows 78 through 81 have been used to count the number of incorrect As, Bs, Cs and Ds. per question. You can hide these rows if you like. The formulas in row 77 return the most frequent incorrect answer. If there is a tie, which happens often, the first one of the incorrect answers with the maximum frequency is returned.

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