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    formulas not updating (2002)

    We have an extremely large workbook - which has many internal links. On one sheet F18 contains a formula =sum(sheet30!cx12..cx15). and G18 contaiins a formula =sum(sheet30!dx12..dx15).

    These cells cx12..cx15 until recently contained in Cx12 the figure 1815.00. The other cells in the range were blank. That figure has now been moved to Dx12. You would expect F18 to now be 0 and G18 to show the 1815.00 figure. But they have remained the same. I have checked in Options that calculation is on automatic, there are no strange macros and there is nothing peculiar in links. What is really strange is that no combination using F9 will cause the update to happen. The only thing which does work is if you select F18 and press F2 and Enter - this then sorts it?

    Since this is a major company spreadsheet where we are talking telephone number scale figures it is a bit of a concern! Has anyone any further suggesions I can try.



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    Re: formulas not updating (2002)

    This kind of problem is hard to troubleshoot remotely, but I assume the nature of the workbook makes it impossible to create a stripped down version that can be attached to a reply. <img src=/S/sad.gif border=0 alt=sad width=15 height=15>

    Once the formulas have been updated by pressing F2 then Enter, do they reflect changes in the cells they refer to automatically, or are the displayed values "frozen" again until the next time you press F2 then Enter?

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