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    task reminders (2000)

    Testing some VBA code...I set my system clock 2 years into the future. I promptly received every reoccuring task that i have setup for the next two years. After settting my system clock back to the proper time/date...I cannot stop these reminders from coming back. I see the snooze time to 1 week but every Monday morning I have 80 reminders waiting for me to go through. I don't want to lose the setup time for all of these tasks.

    Any ideas on how to stop them from coming back and have their original reminder times reset?


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    Re: task reminders (2000)

    See How to use additional command-line switches that are not included in Outlook 2000 and try if starting Outlook with the /cleanreminders switch will do what you want.

    It's not a very good idea to change the system clock. In the past, it didn't hurt, but nowadays we have so many time-dependent tasks and processes running on our PCs that changing the system time may cause all kinds of problems.

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