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    Inconsistent scrollarea results (2000)

    I'm getting inconsistent results with ActiveSheet.ScrollArea

    I have a Forms combobox where a user selects one of several ranges on a wsh to view.
    The event code first hides all rows, unhides the desired rows, adjust column width
    then readjusts the scrollable area in order to keep the user within the desired "window"

    Some selected ranges "freeze" the scolling for some reason. At first I thought that maybe
    the range was only the size of the existing window, but this is only true sometimes.

    See attached file. Any suggestions?
    The Job Class and Job Title ranges are examples of where it does not work properly.
    View the code to open the scroll area and see the event code.

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    Re: Inconsistent scrollarea results (2000)

    The problem seems to be caused by the line

    Range("AllRows").Rows.Hidden = True

    It doesn't occur if you change it to

    Range("A5:A65536").Rows.Hidden = True

    (i.e. hide ALL rows below the frozen pane at the top)

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