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    Editing (Word 2003)

    Please review attachment. I thought this was a table and I need to make changes to it. I can not make changes. Why? Help. Please send me the steps to convert this "Table?" into a table I can edit.

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    Re: Editing (Word 2003)

    Sorry to bring you bad news, but this table is actually a picture. Word doesn't know that it is a picture of text and wouldn't know where to start editing it.

    Since it is so small, the quickest solution will be to create a new table and type in the content. If it were a larger table then it might be worth using OCR software to extract the text.


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    A bit more playing shows that the picture is actually an "Enhanced Metafile". If you right click on the table and choose Edit Picture then you will see that each number or word is in its own little text box, so it will be possible to make changes to the text after all!


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