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    Reset Word Numbering (2003/SP1)


    We have Office 2003 with SP1 and i have a problem with the listnumbers. When i choose the button on the command bar i get a numbering beginning at 0,63. I changed this to 0 and in this document it works fine. But when i started a new document the numbering is not saved and begin again on 0,63. I changed also the bullets from 0,63 to 0 and that works fine (for all new documents).

    But the numbering i cant get it right. Does anyone have a solution for this problem.

    Jolanda Zuidhoek

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    Re: Reset Word Numbering (2003/SP1)

    Hello Jolanda,

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Word's numbering can be confusing and frustrating. The result of using the Numbering button on the toolbar is hard to control, as you have found. The best way is to apply a List Numbering style. To do so:
    - Select Format | Styles and Formatting.
    - Select 'All Styles' from the Show dropdown list at the bottom of the task pane.
    - Apply the '1. List Number' style.

    If you modify the '1. List Number' style, it will apply to all text formatted with that style in your document, and if you add the modified style to your Normal template, it will be used in all new documents.

    See Word Numbering Explained for an overview of how Word's numbering works.

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