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Thread: Font files

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    Font files

    I am running Windows 98SE and want to send a particular font which I use a lot to a colleague via email so that he can use it in his documents too. Which files do I need to send him and how does he install it on his system?

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    Re: Font files

    Please be aware that many fonts are copyrighted. The fact that you have it on your PC does not necessarily imply that you may make it available to others.

    Almost all fonts used in documents in Windows apps are TrueType fonts; they come in files with extension .TTF. For some fonts, variations such as bold, italic and bold italic are separate files, for others, there is only one file. These files are stored in the C:WindowsFonts folder.
    Your colleague can use the Fonts control panel to install font files on his PC; the File menu in this control panel has an option Install New Font...

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