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    images failure (OE6)

    Asked/Answered many times, but ---
    Received mail shows box with red cross instead of the mailed image.
    I've FORWARDED some messages with imbedded images and the recipient gets the red cross boxes. I have even forwarded a good message to myself with the same result. No images..
    Is the problem at my end? Is there a way to convert the red boxes to the images?
    (let there be an easy fix)

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    Re: images failure (OE6)

    It has something to do with where the image is stored. If you copy the image to your machine (desktop is OK) and then imbed it into a message it will always get to the recipient. You can delete it after the mesage is sent. Why the forwarded messages with images already imbedded didn't send the images I can't say. I've had the problem and have yet to find an answer. The answer is probably that it's best not to forward messages in the first place. <img src=/S/yep.gif border=0 alt=yep width=15 height=15>
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