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    Indexing (Word 2003 SP1)

    Is there any way of seeing ALL Index entries for a documen in one single list, rather than having to plough through the entire document searching for them?

    To explain, I'm using a product called RoboHelp-X5, a Help file creation program, to create Printed Documentation from HTML Help files. I have entries in RH such as "svprgNL" (without the quotes), which are fine in Help, but when imported, Word sees the semi-colon, and decides it is an Index Level Indicator. Hence in Word I need to manually precede the colon with a backslash, like "svprgNL".

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    Re: Indexing (Word 2003 SP1)

    I don't think so. You can search for index entries by typing ^d XE in the Find what box of the Edit | Find dialog.
    If the entries follow a fixed pattern, you may be able to use Edit | Replace to insert the backslashes.

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