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    Forms Toolbar in .dot files

    Using Word 97 SR-2, PII 300, Win 95B

    I created a multi-page form as a .dot file using the Forms tool bar. In each Text Form Field I've specified a limit on the number of characters to be entered. However, repeated carriage returns will cause these fields to enlarge thus pushing other fields down the page or onto subsequent pages.

    The user does not want this to happen.

    Is there any way to absolutely lock these fields so they cannot expand beyond the space alloted?

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    Re: Forms Toolbar in .dot files


    See on the Microsoft Knowledge base. For more on forms, follow the links at<A target="_blank" HREF=> Web Resources: Forms (

    Some notes on terms:

    What you are talking about is called an online form in Microsoft documentation. It is something very different from a userform. Userforms have something called a multi-page control that does not exist in online forms. Userforms are custom dialog boxes constructed using VBA and the VBA editor. Please don't take this as criticism of you. Microsoft made these terms confusing and subject to confusion.

    You may want to download the following from<A target="_blank" HREF=> my download page</A> ( and take a look at them.
    AskForm and UserForm (These are both designed as tutorials with the VBA unlocked.)

    Hope this helps.
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
    Madison, Wisconsin

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    Re: Forms Toolbar in .dot files

    Hi titone,

    Along with the KB article Charles suggested, another way of controlling this is to use a borderless Word table(s) and set the row height to an exact measurement.

    In Word 97 this is found under Table/Cell Height and Width.

    For areas that may not require a table, you can use a Frame. If you right-click the Frame and select Format Frame, you can set the exact Height/Width in the size section.

    Note that Frames are different than text boxes. You can find the "Insert Frame" command on your Forms toolbar.

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