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    Convert numbers to text (Word 2000 VBA/XP)

    Subject edited by HansV - "Word 2000" was not very helpful

    I am trying to create a template that will read a number both numerically and in text. Does Word 2000 or VBA have any way of doing that?

    For example, if I write $250,000.00, can it be converted to "Two Hundred Fifty Thousand and 00/100?"

    I would need both text and numbers to show in the final document.

    If you can offer any help, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Otherwise the user's just going to have to write it both ways.

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    Re: Convert numbers to text (Word 2000 VBA/XP)

    There is a switch to display a field as dollar text. For example, if the amount in numbers is in a field named Amount, you can create a field with code

    <code>{ REF Amount * DollarText }</code>

    Note: don't type the field brackets { } yourself, either use Insert | Field or press Ctrl+F9 to create them. How exactly you can use this, depends on how you want the users to enter the numbers.

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    Re: Convert numbers to text (Word 2000 VBA/XP)

    In case the field solution is no good for you, there is an old thread where several macros were provided that may be useful. Convert Text to Numbers Macro

    Does this help?
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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