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    IE opens automatically - how do I stop this? (IE6)

    I hope that this isn't some silly problem that any idiot knows how to solve...

    IE opens a window automatically on login. It doesn't do it when I log on to my user area, but does for the other users of this computer. I've checked the Startup folder for All Users, and each user individually, and there isn't anything in there. None of us use IE, the various users of our computer use Firefox or Opera 8, and having IE pop up automatically is annoying.

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    Re: IE opens automatically - how do I stop this? (IE6)

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    Have you checked IE options>programs tab and look down at the bottom where it says check to see if IE is the default browser. UNcheck it. Also look at the other web settings in this same area.

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    Re: IE opens automatically - how do I stop this? (

    Some programs use IE to perform certain tasks. I used a trial version of McAfee for a while, and it retrieved its updates from the Internet using IE (which led to many annoying security prompts!). If the window contains no obvious reason to be there, for example, displaying blank or just displaying your home page, you might try using something like Autoruns from Sysinternals to look for odd registry entries.

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