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    Folder details (XP Pro SP2)

    I have been enduring this for 2 years and decided to try to find a remedy. I would like all my folders to come up in details, not icons, which seems to be the default. Now I know that if you open Windows Explorer go to Tools, View you are supposed to be able to set all the folders like the one you have open, which I have just put into detail. However, the next time I open that folder or any other, it is back to icons, (most of the time, not always). Which seems really weird, I mean it should work on all the folders or none, and all the time or not at all. It isn't a big issue, but it is exasperating. I like for folders to be the way I want them to be all the time. Any ideas on what I am missing? Thanks

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    Re: Folder details (XP Pro SP2)

    See WyllyWylly's star post <!post=Making Folder Views Stick (Pro/Home),252256>Making Folder Views Stick (Pro/Home)<!/post>. Try increasing the value of BagMRU Size, for example to 5000.

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