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    Visual Basic/Visual Studio Service Packs

    I'm a tad off-topic, but I would like to know if there is a competent resource (newsletter, website, FAQ, White Paper) that can provide the same no-nonsense advice on installing Service Packs for Visual Basic/Visual Studio, as I get from WOW for Office.

    I have followed all of WOW's advice on the topic, and consequently have stayed away from Office 2K SR2, even though it's pushed on the unsuspecting public everywhere else.

    I know I can scour newsgroups or the MVP sites. But if you are aware of a resource that's focused on that topic, I would appreciate a pointer in the right direction.

    In particular, is there a reason to stay away from or definitely upgrade to the latest, SP5?

    Thanks - Klaus

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    Re: Visual Basic/Visual Studio Service Packs

    I don't know of any, but I personally make it a policy to install Service Packs (not the same thing as Service Releases, BTW) on VB/Visual Studio and on Jet. I've never run into any problem with them except for occasional unexpected behavior if I move an application to a machine that doesn't have them installed.

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