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    Mail Merge (Word 2K3)

    Since upgrading to 2003, When trying to mail merge, the program walks you through, step-by-step. At one point, once you’ve chosen your database, you come to a point where you need to ‘Insert Address Block’. Once that box pops up you need to ‘Match Fields’ – telling the program exactly what info you want to have show up on the envelopes. The problem is this: I have been unable to get the street number and street name to show up on the same line. I’ve had to go back in and edit the addresses, record by record (hundreds of records) by moving the street number down to the street name field to make them come up together. This seems absurd to me.

    If you have any information that might eliminate that step for me I would be very happy. If you need further information please let me know.

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    Re: Mail Merge (Word 2K3)

    You're not obliged to use the Address Block - you can also click More Items...
    This will pop up a list of available fields.
    Even better, you can add the pre-Word 2002 "Merge Fields" button to the Mail Merge toolbar - see <post#=431768>post 431768</post#>.

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