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    Chart type vs Y-axis definition (2003 xp prof.)

    Hi all-
    I have a chart w/ 2 bars and 1 line. I want 1 bar and 1 line to speak to an y-axis measured in hours. And I want the other bar to speak to a secondary y-axis measured in numbers. However, I'm having trouble formatting it in this manner. Excel automatically assumes the two bars are speaking to the same y-axis measurement. When I try to manually change the y-axis choice, then one of the bars gets hidden behind the other bar because it's still in the same chart type family. Does anyone know how to help me? I've attached the chart for better clarification. Thank you so much in advance!

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    Re: Chart type vs Y-axis definition (2003 xp prof.)

    You can add two dummy series to the chart, both formatted as columns. One will be plotted on the primary axis, the other on the secondary axis. You can then use Format | Selected Series... to change the order of the series on one of the axes.

    Unfortunately, I don't know how to remove the dummy series from the data table below the chart.

    See attached version.

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