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    Identifying Missing Add-In (Word XP)

    First, I would like to thank everyone for all the help they've given in the past. I hope someone can help me again.
    I have a little loop in a piece of code that is supposed to set a flag if a particular add-in is found. Here it is:

    For Each WPCTemplate In AddIns
    If UCase(WPCTemplate.Name) = "WPC.DOT" Then WPCAddInPresent = True

    (This is just a paraphrase, without a graceful "Exit For")

    The problem that sometimes comes up is that users may have an add-in listed, but not available (for example, if a particular drive-letter is not mapped, as just happened to me.) At those times, it seems there is no method or property I can use without kicking out an error when the loop hits that particular add-in.

    Other than trapping the particular error, is there any way I can find out anything about the offending non-existent object?
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    Re: Identifying Missing Add-In (Word XP)

    Can you use the Templates collection instead of the AddIns collection?

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