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    Document Management impacts on Word (Word 2003/SP1

    We just installed a document management system (imanage) at our office last weekend. Since the install, the Alt-F shortcut to get to the file menu has been acting strangely. When the Word window is full screen, pressing "Alt-F" highlights the word "File" on the menu bar, but does not open the file menu. (Pressing "Alt-F, Return" does open the file menu.) When the Word window is "windowed" (i.e., not full screen) pressing "Alt-F" opens the file menu normally.

    This behaviour is not exhibited with any of the other menu bar shortcuts (i.e., pressing "Alt-E" opens the Edit menu whether or not Word is full screen)

    I know that the document management software is intended to intercept the normal Word save functions, but why would having Word full screen or windowed make a difference? Where should I start looking for the gremlin?

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    Re: Document Management impacts on Word (Word 2003

    This usually happens when there are two uses of the same "accelerator" key. Check for a new toolbar button added by iManage that also has an F (or f ) as the accelerator key on one of its buttons. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to change the key because third party add-ins may create and destroy the toolbar when you launch and exit Word. But you can try!! Tools>Customize..., right-click the offending button and remove the & from in front of the F. Close the Customize dialog and see if that helps.

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