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    Wrong Drive Icon in

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by gumdrop on 15-Jun-01 01:06.</FONT></P>I am using Windows 98 SE
    I recently decided to put a third hard drive in my computer for added storage. Since it was pulled from an older computer it had already been formated. So I figured all I needed to do was switch the jumper from master to slave and pop that puppy in behind my CD-RW drive on the secondary IDE controller and my computer would recognize it and that would be that. Upon booting the computer, I immediately went into setup to see if it was recognized, Yup it was. I continued the bootup and watched the boot process on screen, YES there it was being recognized and initialized. Terrific! Now what I incorrectly ASSUMED was that: since my boot disk was paritioned into C: D: & E: & my second drive was partitioned into F: G: H: & I: & my CD-RW was J:, that since I forgot to reassign my CD-RW to K: that Windows would probably assign the third drive to either J: OR K:. K: was what I was hoping for, but J: would have been OK because I incorrectly figured I could reassign the CD-RW.
    What happened was Windows assigned the new drive "D:" AND I had ANOTHER drive K:! Whoa! Well using Windows Explorer I now found all the files that had been on D: were now on E: and all files that were on E: were now on F: etc. etc. right on down the line. J: was no longer my CD-RW but a drive which contained all the files that were on I:. D: was fileless and so was K:, and my CD-RW was no where to be found. Suspecting that D: and K: were both actually the same drive, I copied some files to D: and found they also showed up on K: SAME DRIVE! Two letter assignments! FUDGE!
    I checked the properies of my CD-RW and Windows had assigned it to L:! GREAT! Thanks Windows! Or on the other hand am I a dingleberry or what? And if Windows assigned it L: why doesn't it show up in "My Computer"? Well I solved that problem which I won't get into because it's no longer a problem. Then when I went back to D: in Explorer, it was no longer functioning properly. FUDGE X 2! So I reformatted D: and low and behold, K: disappeared. OK all's well, I reassigned CD-RW to K:, recopied all files up one drive letter and all's well. WRONG! One last problem: and this is the reason I explained all of this, so whoever considers helping me might get an idea of how I caused this problem. My problem is: Now in "My computer" the D: drive's icon is not a drive icon like all the other drives, but instead is a generic Windows Icon, the one that looks like a white piece of paper with the corner turned and a Windows logo on it. AND when I right click on it, the pop up menu has two options the others don't: AUTOPLAY & SETUP.
    When I right click on the CD-RW icon there is NO AUTOPLAY or SETUP, BUT it does have EJECT. I checked MS Knowledge Base concerning this but all I could find was an article "Icons Randomly Change to Different Icons", which does mention "My Computer", and how to delete the file ShellIconCache. But it says: "Using Registry Editor, add the Max Cached Icons string value with a value data of 500 to.." a registry key. Now I'm not sure whether it means to ADD the value data of 500 to an already exsisting string value, OR to ADD the ENTIRE string, because I don't have a Max Cached Icons string value in that key, and I'm not sure how to add the ENTIRE string. AND I'm not even sure this is the solution to my problem. SO.......anyhooo,...this is my problem and if anyone can help I would be most appreciative.

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    Re: Wrong Drive Icon

    Well I solved my own problem, but I'm leaving the post here in case anyone is interested in what caused the problem. Very simple actually. The kind of thing that makes me feel like a dummy. Somehow a "autoplay.inf" file and a "setup.exe" file were inadvertantly copied to the D: drive. Once deleted, the MS icon disappeared and the normal drive icon reappeared. Am I embarrassed or what?

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