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    Currency Formats - International?

    Hi... First Posting here..

    Is there a way to set currency formats in an Excel template so that it uses the setting in the users Regional Settings rather that whatever currency I started in. (UK

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    Re: Currency Formats - International?


    When Excel saves a file with a formatting set to the currency style, that style over rides any currency style later encountered. When you think about it, it is the wisest way to have it, otherwise if you sent a file with monetary amounts in sterling to the US, they might be converted unwittingly to US dollars. As it is, a deliberate action must be carried out to change the format (and in some cases the value) to any given currency.

    It is then up to the recipient to change the currency style to whatever suits. If required a macro could be used to do the job.

    Andrew C

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    Re: Currency Formats - International?

    Hi Andrew

    Thanks... I suspected it, but hoped to find an obvious way round it. I agree the default action is most sensible. What I'm attempting to do is to create an empty template file and I just wondered how others get round the issue of people anywhere in the world downloading their pride and joy and starting with the correct currency.

    Macros may be something I attempt later. Many thanks for your response, it is appreciated.


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