Hey there folks, i have ahad a network properly running in my home for 6 months now, there are only 2 systems, one running ME, the other XP< this allows me to share my internet conenction from one to the other as you well know, however, recently i have encoutnered some problems - for no apparent reason, it is asking me to give a password to access the computer running XP, though i have previously had access to its slave hard drive (primary was not shared for safety reasons) and its internet, and the XP computer seemingly has no problems at all viewing and printing to the ME system, the internet on the ME system is obtained from the XP oneand today it has been cutting out after 10 minutes or so, i am unaware as to why this is happening but any assistance or advice would eb helpful, i have tried reinstalling the network, changing various settings but to no avail, and to my knowledge this problem occured randomly with no user intervention, thanks guys,