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    No new Outlook Express icons

    Is there any way to prevent Windows 2000 from creating an Outlook Express shortcut in the Start Menu and the Quick Launch toolbar the first time a user logs on to a new workstation?

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    Re: No new Outlook Express icons

    If you remove OE I think that the icons disappear - permanently.

    If that is not an option you could create a short batch file that would run from the registry under the RunOnce key; using environmental variables to specify the username.

    I don't think that you can remove the forced marketing that OE puts out there. I always just delete them first thing.

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    Re: No new Outlook Express icons

    If you haven't already found it there is a quick and easy solution to this problem. I had exactly the same issue and article Q250380 on the MS Knowledge Base sorts it out.
    I followed the first part of the "existing Installation of win 2k" section and removed just the "stub path" and it worked a treat.



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