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    figure placement

    I am writing a thesis and (obviously) need to insert many figures. For the sake of cross-referencing, TOC's etc, I have the graphic inline in a table, and the caption underneath in the next cell. I'm not convinced that this is the best option, but I haven't come up with anything better. Anyway, in terms of the placement of the figure, what I want is basically the following. The figure should be near (or after) the associated text where it was inserted, but not at a fixed specific position. It should position itself so as to avoid blank space on a page. In other words, if it is small enough, it should go directly after the paragraph where it is associated. However, if it is too large to fit on the remaining portion of the page, it should position itself on the top of the next page AND most importantly, the following text should fill in the blank space on the previous page. I don't want to have to manually position each figure when all the text is written (only to probably have to rearrange things later for corrections)
    Any ideas are desperately sought and would be very much appreciated.


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    Re: figure placement

    This old chestnut has been asked many times before but I don't think anyone has come up with a sensible answer. My own opinion is that it can't be done simply, but it could be done with a fairly intense macro which would rely heavily on cross references for each graphic and would also rely heavily on you being very diligent in cross-reffing each graphic you place.

    Personally, I just live with it and try to minimise the vertical height of the graphic to minimise the impact.
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    Re: figure placement

    Yes, I too have thought of it deeply. But I am not too good with macros. After reading these posts, a thought struck me:

    Word has a way of calculating whether a footnote text will fit on a page or not. Using the footnote feature, is it possible (assuming a figure and its caption are placed in a borderless 2 x 1 table) to have a macro which does this:

    1. begins with the complete table containing the figure and the caption pasted into Clipboard

    2. At the same point as the reference to the figure, inserts a footnote and pastes the table into the footnote pane

    3. Checks some VB/Word variable or parameter (I am stumped at this point) to check whether the footnote fits on the same page or on the next

    4. (a) If it does, then delete the footnote inserted, and run a macro to create a bottom-aligned borderless frame on the same page and paste the same table inside this auto-sized (for height)frame

    ([img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] If the footnote goes on to the next page, then delete the footnote inserted, and run a macro to create a top-aligned borderless frame on the next page and paste the same table inside this auto-sized (for height)frame.

    I however can presage the possible need to change the style attributes of the "Footnote Text" style to include "keep lines together" attriute (Format|Paragraph|Line and Page Breaks ) in the current template so that the table itself does not split across two pages.

    If this logic works smoothly, then it is a relatively small matter to call this entire macro as a module in another set of macros which will copy the table with figure and caption to Clipboard, look for the first reference to a figure in the text and then run this module.

    Hope someone takes up the challenge of writing a macro to do this. It would be a near-dream-come-true if this works.

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