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    Is Null (Access 2000)

    I'm trying to compare this years sales to last years sales.

    There are several items in the query that need to be compared. Example G1-04 vs G1-05, B1-04 vs B1-05 . . .

    I have the query set up as:

    G1-04 is not null and G1-05 is null
    B1-04 is not null and B1-05 is null . . . .

    The query seems to run fine BUT I'm trying to create a maketable so I have a snapshot of who we've targeted and it won't let me do it. The message that pops up says, "You tried to assign the null value to a variable that is not a Variant data type." Should I be using something other than Is Null? If there's a purchase than there's a number in the field but if they did not purchase then it's blank. I used a crosstab query to sum the sales.

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    Re: Is Null (Access 2000)

    You'll have to provide detailed information about the query/queries involved, or post a stripped down version of the database. (See <post#=401925>post 401925</post#> for instructions.)

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