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    Joins in Queries

    I am curious about inner and outer joins used in queries, why and when would you use them. I understand relationships and referential integrity, but why you need to use inner and outer joins in queries puzzle me.


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    Re: Joins in Queries

    Let's assume that tables A and B are linking one-to-many by and ID field. The INNER JOIN is easiest to understand: basically it outputs a record for each pair of records that having matching fields. So, for each record in table A, you get 1 record in the query for each of the matching records in table B. (but no record from table A if there are no matching records in [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img].

    The OUTER JOIN provides at least 1 record in the query from table A EVEN IF there are no matching records in table B.
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