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    Combo Box in form not showing update

    I have an Access 97 database that tracks job applications. On the form for Job Details I have two combo boxes. The first one is for the Agency and the second is for the Agent. The list for the Agents has for its row source a selection query based on the agency entered in the Agency combo box so that it only presents agents belonging to that agency. This works fine for data entry thanks to help in a recent thread that I followed, explaining how to do this.
    My problem now is that when a record is subsequently displayed using this form, only one record displays the agent

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    Re: Combo Box in form not showing update

    You need to force a requery of that Agent combo box. You should put cboAgent.requery in your form's Current event (and also in AfterUpdate event of cboAgency).
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    Re: Combo Box in form not showing update

    Thanks Mark - that does just what I want

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