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    Re: Switch off Autofilter (WinNT4, Excel97)


    ActiveSheet.AutoFilterMode = False

    AutoFilterMode indicates whether there is an AutoFilter active on the specified worksheet (there can be only one AutoFilter active on a sheet)

    BTW, you can edit the subject of your post to mention Excel instead of Word.

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    Re: Switch off Autofilter (WinNT4, Word97)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by Andrew Lockton on 17-Aug-05 21:42. )</P>Have you tried - ActiveSheet.AutoFilterMode = False

    Perhaps this link is of some use to you where the code shows you how to also reveal remove the filtering a thread on

    Too slow again - Hans beat me to it
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    Switch off Autofilter (WinNT4, Excel97)

    Edited to add - Sorry, this is XL97, of course, not Word97!

    I'm trying to work with a spreadsheet that often has the AutoFilter turned on, but in order to work with the data I need it to be switched off (if it's on). For some reason however the normal ways (or the ways I usually use) don't seem to work!

    Something like: "if ActiveCell.CurrentRegion.AutoFilter = true then ActiveCell.CurrentRegion.AutoFilter = False" was what I thought would work, but XL just keeps complaining that it is "unable to set the autofilter property of the range class".

    Presumably I'm wording this wrong, but I can't seem to track down the correct wording! Could someone set me on the right track, please?!

    Many thanks!
    Beryl M

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