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    Cell Formatting (XP)

    Hi All,

    I have a grid of numbers (see attached) and I want to hi-light some numbers. In the attached example, I have put a box around them and also made them [/i]italics[/i] (that doesn't sound right - italized them?).

    Anyway, it is still unclear what numbers are hi-lighted (see 963 for example). So, what I am looking for is some way of formatting the number so that it stands out. Maybe a box around the number but inside the cell (ie not on the border of the cell).

    Restrictions:<UL><LI>colour coding will not work because it has to print in B&W
    <LI>shading will not work as it has to be photocoped
    <LI>the formatting has to be cell related so putting another object over it (ie autoshape) might not work and I have some macros that perform calculations depending on the formatting of the cell[/list]Any suggestions?
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    Re: Cell Formatting (XP)

    It seems like you are after some type of box formatting, as I could simply suggest that you bold and underline the values???? Will that not suffice?

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    Re: Cell Formatting (XP)

    Not much you can do within the restrictions. Making the text bold might help. Using a larger font size will certainly make the numbers stand out, but the row size will increase.

    In the screenshot, the cells have been formatted as bold, 12 points, vertical aligment centered, and row height has been reset to standard.

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